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Event details

Region 1 South @ Triple Crown BBQ (KLUA) and Luray Caverns Virgina

  • 17 Aug 2024
  • 10:45 AM
  • KLUA Luray Airport (Rain Date the 18th)



All are invited and please register if you are planning to attend the Triple Crown BBQ with a visit to the Luray Caverns. Please arrive by 1045 for a departure walk down the road.

Rain Date August 18th.

Your host: Mike Nichols (N155E)

10:45am - Last of the GOPA aircraft arrive at KLUA.

11:00am - Walk as a group 1.0 mile to Triple Crown BBQ - about 20 minutes
  • Menu:
  • The BBQ stand opens at 11:30am. Arriving on the early side allows the best chance to get tables for our group.
  • Casual lunch / enjoy talking about flying our Grummans.
  • This is a road-side stand with tasty BBQ. There is no indoor seating. Bring a hat, sunscreen, etc. to prevent getting a sunburn.
  • Triple Crown BBQ.jpg
  • GOPA members can choose to go to Luray Caverns (a 1.1 mile walk) or fly home immediately after lunch.
  • The airport personnel typically will offer to drive pilots and their passenger(s) to/from a restaurant in the local area, which may be helpful for those who are not comfortable or able to walk the 2 mile round trip (airport-Triple Crown BBQ - airport).
  • Fuel pricing is decent at Luray and the customer service is excellent. It's currently $5.75/gallon (6/25/24).
  • The airport is completing the construction of a brand-new terminal building this month (June)or early next month.

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