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AG-5B Tiger  

For eleven years the design was not produced and then in the late 1980s a new company was formed to produce the Tiger. American General Aviation Corporation carried out further design improvements including introducing a new split nose cowling that could be removed without removing the propeller, a new instrument panel, improved exterior lighting, a new fuel quantity indication system, a 28 volt electrical system replacing the older 14 volt system, a new-style throttle quadrant, and improvements to the heat and ventilation systems. Aerodynamic improvements raised the optimal altitude cruise speed from 139 knots (257 km/h) true airspeed to 143 knots (265 km/h) TAS. The redesigned aircraft was put into production under an amended type certificate as the American General AG-5B Tiger. American General produced Tigers for model years 1990–93 and delivered 181 aircraft in that time.

The design has a strong following among pilots and aircraft owners and so, in 1999, a new company was formed to put the Tiger back into production. Tiger Aircraft started production of the AG-5B Tiger in 2001 at their plant in Martinsburg, West Virginia. Tiger Aircraft did not produce any other models of the AA-1 or AA-5 family, although they owned the type certificates for the complete line of aircraft. Between 2001 and 2006 Tiger Aircraft produced 51 AG-5Bs.

Specifications and Performance:


 Manufacturer American General
 Years Built 1990-1993
 Number Built 181
 Type Single engine, 4-seat, fixed gear
 Wingspan 31 ft 5 ins
 Length 22 ft
 Height 7ft 8ins
 Empty Weight 1,398 lbs
 Gross Weight 2,400 lbs
 Payload W/Std Fuel 780 lbs
 Engine Lycoming O-360-A4K 180hp @ 2,700 rpm
 TBO 2,000 hrs
 Useable Fuel (Max) 51 US gal
 Useable Fuel (Std) 37 US gal
 Takeoff Ground Roll 865 ft
 Takeoff Over 50'1,550 ft 
 Rate Of Climb 915 fpm
 Landing Over 50' 1,120 ft
 Landing Ground Roll 410 ft
 Stall Speed (Vso) 53 kts
 Max Speed 148 kts
 Cruise Speed (75% Pwr) 141 kts
 Cruise Altitude 8,500 ft
 Cruise Range (45m Reserve) 530 nm
 Service Ceiling 13,800 ft
 Wing Loading 17.1 lbs/sq ft
 Power Loading 13.3 lbs/bhp
 Propellor (Dia/Pitch) McCauley 76/61 Fixed

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