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 Grumman Owners and Pilots Association

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The International TYPE-CLUB FOR Grumman Owners and Pilots

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Owner/Mentorship Program

One of the greatest benefits of any Type Club, but particularly the Grumman Owners and Pilots Association, is a shared passion for aviation and the airplanes we fly.  Our Mentorship program is made up of experienced owners, pilots and friends who want to share the many benefits of our airplanes with you. Our Mentors offer to help enhance your experience as you search for your perfect aircraft by way of offering insightful conversations, meet ups, aircraft walk-arounds, pre-buy A&P recommendations, and even the potential for a familiarization flight.  All at no cost to you.

All of our Owner/Mentors are enthusiastic ambassadors for the Grumman marque and are only too willing to share their experience and knowledge with potential new owners.  They will answer all of your Grumman-related questions and steer you in the right direction for further information and next steps.

Contact the Regional Coordinator for your area giving your location, contact details and whether or not you have a specific Grumman model which you are considering for purchase. The Regional Coordinator will use this information to put you in touch with the Owner/Mentor closest to you and start you on the road to finding your own Grumman and enjoy that unique Grumman-flying feeling for yourself.

Members wishing to sign up as a Mentor can find the application form here.

  • Get the inside story, 1-to-1 with a current Grumman owner/pilot
  • Get a chance for an in-person walk around with the Grumman type that interests you
  • "Try before you buy" with a Grumman familiarization flight

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