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GA-7 Cougar

The Cougar is a twin-engined low-wing cantilever monoplane using a honeycomb and bonded metal construction that is the hallmark of the line since the BD-1. The prototype's single spar wing was upgraded to a double-spar configuration and this allowed a wet wing.

The Cougar is powered by a pair of wing-mounted Lycoming O-320-D1D engines of 160 hp (119 kW). It carries four people at maximum cruise speed of 160 kts (296 km/h) and a typical cruise speed of 140 kts (259 km/h). It was certified under US FAR Part 23 on 22 September 1977.

Specifications and Performance:


 Manufacturer Gulfstream American
 Years Built 1978-1979
 Number Built 115
 Type Twin engine, 4-seat, retractable gear
 Wingspan 36 ft 9 ins
 Length 29 ft 7 ins
 Height 10 ft 4 ins
 Empty Weight 2,569 lbs
 Gross Weight 3,800 lbs
 Payload W/Std Fuel 846 lbs
 Engine Lycoming O-320-D1D 160hp @ 2,700 rpm
 TBO 2,000 hrs
 Useable Fuel (Max) 114 US gal
 Useable Fuel (Std) 80 US gal
 Takeoff Ground Roll 1,000 ft
 Takeoff Over 50' 1,850 ft 
 Rate Of Climb 1,160 fpm
 Landing Over 50' 1,330 ft
 Landing Ground Roll  710 ft
 Stall Speed (Vso) 63 kts
 Max Speed 168 kts
 Cruise Speed (75% Pwr) 160 kts
 Cruise Altitude 8,500 ft
 Cruise Range (45m Reserve) 840 nm
 Service Ceiling 17,400 ft
 Wing Loading 20.65 lbs/sq ft
 Power Loading 11.88 lbs/bhp
 Propellor (Dia/Pitch) McCauley 73 ins, Constant Speed

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