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  • The 15th Annual Great Welshpool Fish and Chip Fly-in

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The 15th Annual Great Welshpool Fish and Chip Fly-in

  • 5 Sep 2020
  • (CEST)
  • Welshpool (EGCW)


Region 7 - The 15th Annual Great Welshpool Fish and Chip Fly-in - 5th September 2020

The great Coronavirus situation rumbles on, with Wales distinctly lagging behind the other UK nations in easing restrictions, and even when permitted to open, some businesses finding it difficult to return to anything like normality in order to comply with distancing requirements. This particularly applies to accommodation, where facilities are either still closed or rammed to the gunwhales with staycationers.

It’s with some disappointment then, despite the greatest brains this side of Offa’s Dyke (that’s Arthur and me) straining every synapse for ways we can make it work, that we must abandon any idea of a Fish and Chip event looking anything like what we have come to expect over the last few years.

So we are offering 'Welshpool Fish-and-Chips-Light' instead. A bit like Part-M Light but less paperwork and expense, a wonderful outdoor event in our very own special parking and picnicking area. Turn up just before lunchtime, park your aircraft, deploy your camping chair(s) or picnic blanket at a close-but-not-too-close distance from the assembled hordes, and have your pre-ordered Fish and Chips delivered to you by handsome/comely natives. Soft drinks will be available, but feel free to bring your own to taste. We’ll have a few chairs available for those that can’t bring their own. Obviously if the weather gods decide to piss on our chips, it won’t happen.

I’m looking therefore for indications of interest based on the approximate format.

The logistics and timing of ordering the meals and what happens if we need to cancel will be driven by the likely numbers attending.

RSVP to Graham Baker on with your intentions by evening of Monday 24th August, please, and we’ll try to make this happen.

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