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Considering Buying a Grumman?

GOPA is here to help! Our website has been strategically designed to help answer the questions, “Why Grumman? and “Which Grumman?” then to carry the visitor on to various support activity and finally full community participation as a GOPA member.

Why Grumman? Which Grumman?

Visit our Aircraft page to learn more about Grumman history and the benefits of the Grumman airframe and power plant design and unique canopy approach. Browse through the Grumman range and compare, both within the family as well as to other similar airplanes in their class. 

Talk with experienced Grumman owners and pilots
Not totally familiar with Grummans? We can put you in touch with a GOPA Mentor in your area to get all your questions answered firsthand and take you around for a closeup of the Grumman's unique features and  what to look for when searching for your own aircraft. Perhaps take a familiarization flight with your Mentor and learn what we mean about "The Grumman Grin".

Shopping for a Grumman

Then hop over to the Marketplace. Our classified ads contain Grumman planes and parts, many of which can’t be found elsewhere. The ”Search On-line” function reaches outside of GOPA to Barnstormers, Trade-a-Plane, and Controller to get you started.  When you are ready to buy, come back for Support and find a local A&P to conduct a pre-buy.

Learning the ropes with your Grumman

Then, when your plane is finally in your hands, come back for a GOPA Pilot Familiarization Program (PFP) taught by one if our vetted CFIs. PFPs are designed to help you understand your plane’s idiosyncrasies, get flying sooner, more confidently, and of course, more safely. For your non-flying companion, check out “Cockpit Cool”, a special program to teach non-pilots how to handle any in-flight emergencies.

Benefits of GOPA Membership

Now that you and your companion are true owners and pilots, take advantage of the full GOPA members’ experience. Enjoy Grumman camaraderie at local fly-ins, national and international meetings (where else can you do the limbo… with your plane?), our content-rich website and bi-monthly news magazine, as well as the extensive technical libraries and videos .

From buying to flying, GOPA is the place to be for all things Grumman.

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